Customer Information

How should I store my Rassa products? 

We recommend you keep your products in a cool and dry place, ideally between 20-25ºC, away from direct light.

Do Rassa products have an expiry date?

Rassa products have a “jar icon” which indicates the number of months the product will be best once open. 

Are Rassa products vegan?

All Rassa products are vegan, with exception of Liniment Balm which contains bee wax.

Do Rassa products contain preservatives?

For being able to guarantee performance and durability, skincare products need a minimum amount of preservative. All ingredients present in our formulas are explicitly stated in the ingredients list. 
For our oils, we don’t used preservatives but a specific natural antioxidant used for its preservation.

Do Rassa products contain parabens?

No, Rassa products don’t contain parabens.

Do Rassa products contain colorants?

No, we don’t use colorants in our products.

Are Rassa products cruelty-free?

Yes. Rassa products are never tested on animals.

Are Rassa products safe to use during pregnancy?

Our products are of natural origin and with no specific counterindications. Nevertheless, Rassa has not yet developed products specifically for pregnancy. We recommend that you speak with your doctor for your specific concerns.

Are Rassa products suitable for an allergic skin?

Allergies are related to certain ingredients and are particular for each person. If you have a specific allergy, please review the ingredients list and consult your doctor.

Are there generic indications for the use of Rassa products?

Avoid direct contact with eyes. For external use only. Keep away from children.

Where are Rassa products produced?

In Spain.

Are Rassa products unisex?

All Rassa products are unisex, except the Intimate Oil which is conceived for women.

Which products are travel size?

All Rassa products up to 100ml (included) are suitable for cabin baggage. Following airports regulation, we recommend carry them in a transparent reclosable plastic bag.


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