About us
A brief story

Rassa offers natural cosmetic products, developed for an effective skincare routine. With an integrative approach to skincare, Rassa powers its formulations with aromatherapy, bioactives and botanical extracts, fostering an integration of body, mind and emotional wellbeing. All our products are made of natural and organic ingredients, as we truly believe that nature is the best source of knowledge and beauty.

Rassa encourages few products, applied well and used consistently. Under this vision of self-care, Rassa makes a proposal based on simple and versatile routines that adapts to our real needs and the changing rhythms of our skin.

Our vision is to provide effective natural skincare products, as a foundation for a
bright and healthy skin that reflects a positive state of mind.
Rassa was founded in 2020, with the sincere and profound desire to open and expand the conversation around beauty and self-care.