Skincare Tips by Skin Concern

Adapt your skincare routine to your skin needs.

If your concerns are:

  • Mature skin
  • Dry skin
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, ageing


You need to reinforce your skin care routine with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help cell regeneration. Enhance your routine by using Restoring Cream. At night, combine this cream with 4/8 drops of Moon Oil, or first apply the oil on damp skin followed by the cream.

If your concerns are:

  • Sensitive, reactive, irritable skin
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea


You should add to your skin care routine active soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients that deeply nourish, regenerate and protect the skin. Choose Sensitive Cream as your daily face cream and combine it with Liniment Balm when your skin is feeling irritated.

If your concerns are:

  • Oily or acne-prone skin
  • Clogged pores
  • Congested skin


Reinforce your skin care routine with active astringent and antiseptic ingredients that help to regulate the skin’s sebum, and put a special focus on cleansing. Cleanse and tone with Biphasic Lotion day and night. Once cleansed, use Essential Cream as your daily face cream. Once a week, scrub your skin by mixing Liniment Balm with a pinch of extra fine natural salt.

If your concerns are:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Discolouration, marks or scars


You should boost your skin care routine with active antioxidants and a high content of vitamin C. Cell regeneration is essential in reducing these conditions. It is also crucial to avoid direct exposure to sunlight during peak times. Use Essential Cream as your daily face cream and add 3/5 drops of Moon Oil in the evening.

If your concerns are:

  • Exposure to direct sunlight
  • Exposure to the cold
  • Exposure to the wind
  • Exposure to pollution


You need to include in you skin care routine products high in vitamin C, with active soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients. The most suitable cream for these types of concerns is Restoring Cream. In addition, after exposure to any of the elements mentioned above, it is essential that you apply Liniment Balm to help restore the skin.

If your concerns are:

  • Changes in weather conditions


Adjust your skin care routine according to how your skin feels. During the cold months it is important to use a more complete and hydrating cream with a high content of hyaluronic acid, such as Restoring Cream, and combine it with products that greatly enhance hydration and regeneration. Mix about 3/5 drops of Moon Oil into the cream at night. During summer, be very rigorous with cleansing the skin: Biphasic Lotion both morning and night is the most recommended and combine lightweight face cream Essential Cream.